How to Fly Fish the 11 Point River

Dry Fly-Well not too often

Dry fly fishing is possible on the Eleven Point, but you kind of have to take it when the oppertunity arises, which with all the food down deep, is not that often.  There are plenty of hatches that could bring the fish to the surface, lots of mayfly and caddis, but normally Eleven Point trout eat on the bottom.  Never say never though, it does happen sometimes.  

Fishing Sub-Surface

      A common refrain among fly fishermen is that 90% of the time fish feed below the surface of the water and the Eleven Point is certainly no exception.  Like most spring fed ozark rivers, the bottom of the river is teaming with life, so not surprisingly, the trout feed here most of the time.  In fact, well over 90% of the time.  The Eleven Point has lots of bugs crawling along the rocks and plenty of fish, from minnows all the way up the food chain to trout and smallmouth.  There are plenty of caddis and mayfly varieties as well as stoneflies, an Eleven Point trout's favorite.  Crawdads and minnows are abundant and another favorite of trout and smallmouth.  

With all this food on the bottom, not surprisingly, nymphing will catch the most fish on the Eleven Point River.   The key is getting your fly deep enough, so don't be afraid of using extra weight.  If you don't snag the bottom occassionally, you are probably not deep enough.  Eleven Point trout like bigger nymphs, generally size 8-14.   Streamer fishing the Eleven Point is definitely worth trying with a sink tip, when the trout are feeling more agressive.  Here is a list of must haves for the Eleven Point River:
Stoneflies-Pat's rubber legs
Marabou Jigs-1/32=1/16th oz under and indicator
Bloody Marys
Red Fox Squirrel nymph
Hare's ear
various caddis nymphs
copper johns
wooly buggers
San Jaun worms
Don's Crawdad